22 janvier 2009

Winter 1915-1916: the letters from Henri, and his special attentions towards his three sisters...

His thoughts were, too, very often dedicated towards Charlotte... Family photography: Charlotte by 1914. ... towards Augustine...: Family photography: Augustine by 1912. "... of course, I cannot write to everybody separately. Charlotte, Titine keep on asking me for news. So, I have to multiply myself, I am so happy to see how generous they are. Every now and then, I get a parcel from them, cookies, cigarettes, etc... I still have to thank them!" [Letter dated June 1915] "... The present letter which will be of much interest... [Lire la suite]
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28 janvier 2009

The mourning of the family

Then came the long mourning, heavy to bear, for the parents, for the remaining brother, for the sisters. Family mourning which was not even interrupted by the sound of the bugle, on the Armistice Day, the 11th November 1918. Family photography, Spring 1916, in Algiers - From Left to Right: Fernand, Euphrasie holds his daughter Yvette in her arms; on the tree: Marc (in white) and the cousin Robert Merle (future famous French novel writer) ; under the tree: Jean-Baptiste and Henriette holding his arm; in the rear: Marie-Anne; Eugénie... [Lire la suite]