17 décembre 2008

Ville sur Cousances, on the 22nd May, 1998

"Dad? I am calling you from Verdun. I just retrieved the grave of Henri Baudiment". In the receiver, Daddy's voice broke down with emotion... Photography: Pierre Cazaubon - May 1999 Eighty two years after his death, Henri, the elder brother of my Dad's mother, thus reappeared. And with him, his history, and the history of his brothers. Each of them had been transmitted to us as a legacy, like a deep and painful wound... Painting of Henri Baudiment - Charcoal drawing from photography - 1920
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30 janvier 2009

Heavy burden for the survivors

The Women, in the family, had survived these eight deadly years. They were lonely, from now on. Survivors, indeed, but for ever wounded. And their wounds were becoming quite heavy to bear... So heavy that they would have to share them, now, with the oncoming generations. Nowadays, time has come when the marks left by the tragedy are fading slowly, inexorably, ... Church Tower in Mont-Saint Eloi, Artois: photographed in February 1916 by Henri Baudiment, then in April 2006 by Louis Cazaubon. Church in Bouvigny, Artois:... [Lire la suite]
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