17 décembre 2008

Ville sur Cousances, on the 22nd May, 1998

"Dad? I am calling you from Verdun. I just retrieved the grave of Henri Baudiment". In the receiver, Daddy's voice broke down with emotion... Photography: Pierre Cazaubon - May 1999 Eighty two years after his death, Henri, the elder brother of my Dad's mother, thus reappeared. And with him, his history, and the history of his brothers. Each of them had been transmitted to us as a legacy, like a deep and painful wound... Painting of Henri Baudiment - Charcoal drawing from photography - 1920
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25 janvier 2009

On the 22nd of April 1916: Henri killed in action, in Verdun

Then came the attack on Verdun... March 1916: Photography of Henri Baudiment, Lieutenant (Temporary), in dress uniform. On the Left Bank of the Meuse River, the 90th Infantry Regiment took part, starting on the 21st April 1916, to the very intense fights of the "Battle on the Wings". On the 22th of April (it was the Holy Saturday), the 1er Batalion was defending the right front of the Regiment, in the bottom of the Ravin de la Hayette [namely: "Ravine of la Hayette"], in connection with the 161st Infantry Regiment, who was... [Lire la suite]
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