19 décembre 2008

The Declaration of War

When the War broke out, ... ... Henri was serving as a Warrant Officer, in the 90th Infantry Regiment, in Châteauroux (Indre). On the very day following his eighteenth birthday, on the 28th July 1899, he volonteered and got enlisted as a simple private, into this professionnal regiment, quartered very nearby his father's birth-place. He had married, on the 5th September 1908, Angèle Trochard, two years older than himself, and the daughter of a late Paris jeweller. ... Jean-Baptiste was belonging, on his side, to the 1st... [Lire la suite]

27 janvier 2009

The end of the War, for Jean-Baptiste

Jean-Baptiste never recovered a normal health, and so, never returned back to fighting: Official ceremony at the 1st Zouaves Regiment, at the "Champ de Manoeuvres" (training area), in Algiers, beginning of 1915: Jean-Baptiste Baudiment carries the Regiment flag. By an official decision of the General Commanding the Algiers Division, dated 23rd Décember 1917, he was seconded to the Head Quarters of the French Troops in North Africa, to be employed by the Regional Inspection of the Deferments in Algiers.
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28 janvier 2009

The mourning of the family

Then came the long mourning, heavy to bear, for the parents, for the remaining brother, for the sisters. Family mourning which was not even interrupted by the sound of the bugle, on the Armistice Day, the 11th November 1918. Family photography, Spring 1916, in Algiers - From Left to Right: Fernand, Euphrasie holds his daughter Yvette in her arms; on the tree: Marc (in white) and the cousin Robert Merle (future famous French novel writer) ; under the tree: Jean-Baptiste and Henriette holding his arm; in the rear: Marie-Anne; Eugénie... [Lire la suite]