Photography annotated by Henri Baudiment - Lucheux, on the 7 September 1915: "Our generals" [from left to right: 1) under the x sign: General Curé, commanding the 9th Army Corps, 2) facing right: General Deligny, commanding the 153th Division, 3) facing left, and speaking to Deligny: General d'Urbal, commanding the 10th Army, 4) facing left, with the mourning arm-band: General de Castelnau, commanding the Group of the Center Armies].

"[...] On the 7th September,  took place in Lucheux (Somme), an important meeting of Officers and Generals[...]. The General [d'Urbal] let us know in veiled and cautious terms, what would be our role in the great operations that were currently prepared and planified in high places  [...]. According his very words [...], we would be in the position to progress with our "stick in hand". The horsemen themselves might be able to mount into the saddle, attend to the party [...]".

[Colonel Eggenspieler: History of a Reserve Regiment from Berry - 290th Infantry Regiment]


Photography annotated by Henri Baudiment - Summer 1915: "At rest"