16 décembre 2008


Welcome on "World War Wounds", After more than ten years of personal research, I have eventually decided to publish this English speaking blog, dedicated to a French family, the Baudiment family from Algiers, during the Great War: this was the family of my father's mother. She had two sisters, and three brothers: Henri was commanding the 3rd Company of the 90th Infantry Regiment (from Châteauroux, Indre), as a Captain, when he was mown down by an Austrian 88mm shell, on the 22nd of April 1916, somewhere between Hill 304 and... [Lire la suite]
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17 décembre 2008

Ville sur Cousances, on the 22nd May, 1998

"Dad? I am calling you from Verdun. I just retrieved the grave of Henri Baudiment". In the receiver, Daddy's voice broke down with emotion... Photography: Pierre Cazaubon - May 1999 Eighty two years after his death, Henri, the elder brother of my Dad's mother, thus reappeared. And with him, his history, and the history of his brothers. Each of them had been transmitted to us as a legacy, like a deep and painful wound... Painting of Henri Baudiment - Charcoal drawing from photography - 1920
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18 décembre 2008

The Baudiment family before the War

Henri was born in Algeria, the eldest of six, from the encounter in Constantine, of Boniface, a gendarme, born in the French region of Berry, and Marie-Anne Robert, born ten years after in the region of Auvergne. Photography of the family in Kouba, around 1895 - Starting from the left, sitting on the front rank: Jean-Baptiste (1st), Euphrasie (3rd), Charlotte, my grand mother (6th); sitting on the 2nd rank: Marie-Anne (3rd; upon her knees: Augustine); standing: Boniface (3rd from the left). Having grown up amongst a strong and... [Lire la suite]
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19 décembre 2008

The Declaration of War

When the War broke out, ... ... Henri was serving as a Warrant Officer, in the 90th Infantry Regiment, in Châteauroux (Indre). On the very day following his eighteenth birthday, on the 28th July 1899, he volonteered and got enlisted as a simple private, into this professionnal regiment, quartered very nearby his father's birth-place. He had married, on the 5th September 1908, Angèle Trochard, two years older than himself, and the daughter of a late Paris jeweller. ... Jean-Baptiste was belonging, on his side, to the 1st... [Lire la suite]