Henri was born in Algeria, the eldest of six, from the encounter in Constantine, of Boniface, a gendarme, born in the French region of Berry, and Marie-Anne Robert, born ten years after in the region of Auvergne.


Photography of the family in Kouba, around 1895 - Starting from the left, sitting on the front rank: Jean-Baptiste (1st), Euphrasie (3rd), Charlotte, my grand mother (6th); sitting on the 2nd rank: Marie-Anne (3rd; upon her knees: Augustine); standing: Boniface (3rd from the left).

Having grown up amongst a strong and united family cell , Henri and both his brothers were given the strict education of the Troop's Cadets ("Enfants de Troupes").


Photography of the family in Algiers, around 1902 - Starting from the left: front: Augustine, Marie-Anne, Aimé, Boniface, Charlotte; rear: Euphrasie, Henri, jean-Baptiste.