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After more than ten years of personal research, I have eventually decided to publish this English speaking blog, dedicated to a French family, the Baudiment family from Algiers, during the Great War: this was the family of my father's mother. She had two sisters, and three brothers:

Henri was commanding the 3rd Company of the 90th Infantry Regiment (from Châteauroux, Indre), as a Captain, when he was mown down by an Austrian 88mm shell, on the 22nd of April 1916, somewhere between Hill 304 and Mort-Homme Hill, in Verdun; he had been fighting, until then, in the 1st Battle of the Marne, in Ypres, and in Artois. He had been awarded the Military Cross, after the November fights in Ypres, in 1914, and had, then, taken part to the Battle of Loos, in September-October 1915, under the British Command,

Jean-Baptiste, had been severely wounded on the Champagne front, on the 18th of September, 1914, while he was serving as a Second-lieutenant at the 8th RMZ (Zouaves Regiment), having survived the fights in the St Gond Marsh, during the 1st Battle of the Marne; he then died in January 1922, definitively struck by the Spanish Flu, and 

Aimé, a young Sergeant, was shot to death, while he was not even 18, when attacking for the first time, on the 11th of May 1915, in Neuville St Vaast (Artois).

Jean-Baptiste was buried in Algiers. Henri's grave was retrieved, not earlier than in May 1998, in a little village in Argonne. It is highly unlikely that Aimé's one will ever be found... 

This blog is the result of the translation into English of a French blog "Blessures de Guerre", that I wrote and published on the subject in November 2008 [see hyper link on the Upper right corner].

The current one aims at being read and _ I hope_ appreciated by the German, or at least by the English speaking visitors, in order to share with them this sad and moving history of our grandfathers and great uncles. After all, this history is, now, our Common History.
I thank in advance all of those who will help me to maintain and/or improve and /or correct the text of this blog, which stays nevertheless more than perfectible...


Louis CAZAUBON, 1st February, 2009.

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